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FY25 priorities

The Children’s Mental Health Campaign tracks a number of line items within the state budget and strongly supports funding for children’s mental health programming and services. Below are the Campaign’s top priorities in the FY25 budget. For a more comprehensive list of programs and services we track in the state budget, please click here.

Our priorities for FY25!

School-Based Behavioral Health Technical Assistance Center: Earmark in #5042-5000
The statewide school-based behavioral health technical assistance (SBBH TA) center, codified in Chapter 177 of the Acts, provides technical assistance to school districts and partnering community providers to build and sustain district capacity to meet the social, emotional, and behavioral health needs of students.

The CMHC requests $3.75M in funding to support ongoing work of the TA Center, including planning and collaboration with community stakeholders, and to launch a statewide presence with the hiring of 5 regional coordinators.

FY24 GAA FY25 Ask FY25 Governor FY25 House FY25 Senate Conference
$1,275,000 $3,750,000 Not Included      


Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Program: Earmark in DMH Line Item #5042-5000
The Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Program (MCPAP) employs a public health model that emphasizes universal behavioral health screening, maximizes access to services in the appropriate setting based on need, and mitigates the lack of child psychiatry resources. MCPAP provides consultation to pediatricians to meet mild to moderate behavioral health needs within their practice. MCPAP for Moms promotes maternal and child health by building the capacity of providers serving pregnant and postpartum women and their children up to one year after delivery to effectively prevent, identify, and manage mental health and substance use concerns. Despite growth in MCPAP’s programming, funding has remained level for several years.

The CMHC requests a $400,000 increase to the MCPAP/MCPAP for Moms FY24 earmark (total funding $4.275M) to address workforce challenges, support IT infrastructure and upgrades, and to fund research to improve programming.

FY24 GAA FY25 Ask FY25 Governor FY25 House FY25 Senate Conference
$3,875,000 $4,275,000 Language Only      


Young Adult Access Centers: Earmark in DMH Line Item #5042-5000
These community-based centers emphasize trauma-informed, developmentally appropriate, peer-focused support, and provide welcoming and safe spaces for young people to connect with various resources and supports, including employment and education resources, housing information, and arts and social activities.

The CMHC requests $1.2M to support the creation of two young adult access centers, one in South Worcester County and one on the Cape/Islands.

FY24 GAA FY25 Ask FY25 Governor FY25 House FY25 Senate Conference
Not Included $1,200,000 Not Included      


Behavioral Health Consultation for Foster Care: Earmark in DMH Line Item #5042-5000
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) classifies children in foster care as a special healthcare needs population. According to the AAP up to 80 percent of children entering foster care have a significant mental health need, and mental and behavioral health are the largest unmet need among youth in foster care. Yet, youth who enter foster care without a behavioral health provider often wait for months to get an appointment. With philanthropic support, The Foster Child Evaluation Services Clinic at UMass Medical Center in partnership with the UMass MA Child Psychiatry Access Program (MCPAP) team have developed an expedited care model that allows primary care providers in Central MA enrolled in MCPAP to refer a youth who is in foster care for a trauma informed psychiatric consultation, diagnostic face to face evaluation and referral services. This funding would support formalizing and expanding the service to the entire Western/Central MCPAP region and provide a platform to test and develop strategies for statewide implementation.

As part of a strategy to make this program available statewide, the CMHC requests $350,000 (level funding) to support formalizing and expanding this bridging service to the entire Western/Central MCPAP region.

FY24 GAA FY25 Ask FY25 Governor FY25 House FY25 Senate Conference
$350,000 $350,000 (level funding) Not Included      


Mental Health Advocacy Program (MHAP) for Kids: Earmark in DCF Line Item #4800-0200 
MHAP for Kids improves the health and educational success of children with unmet mental health needs who are at risk for possible or further court involvement, by providing legal assistance to improve access to needed mental health services. MHAP for Kids legal services are provided to families statewide by 15 Staff Attorneys who are based in Family Resource Centers (FRCs) across the state. These attorneys are based in FRCs in Boston, Brockton, Everett, Fitchburg, Holyoke, Hyannis, Lawrence, Lowell, Lynn, New Bedford, Pittsfield, Quincy, Springfield, and Worcester.

The requested funding level of $3.1M will support level funding accounting for inflation, and $3.3M would increase capacity to provide additional technical assistance around education access. The resources provided through the state budget are vital to allowing MHAP for Kids to serve families in districts with fewer resources and focus on meeting critical mental health needs.

FY24 GAA FY25 Ask FY25 Governor FY25 House FY25 Senate Conference
$3,000,000 $3,100,000 – $3,300,000 Not Included      


Behavioral Health Access and Crisis Intervention Trust Fund (non-monetary request)
The Behavioral Health Crisis and Intervention Trust Fund was established in the FY23 budget, and is intended to support payor agnostic access to the Behavioral Health Helpline, mobile crisis services, and behavioral health urgent care. The FY23 budget includes language authorizing EOHHS to assess a surcharge on payors of healthcare services in acute hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers, as a significant source of funding for the trust. That authorization sunsets in July 2024, leaving a gap in funding to support access to these vital services for individuals, including children, with private insurance.

The CMHC urges the legislature to reauthorize the payor surcharge established in the FY23 budget, ensuring that health plans are contributing their fair share to maintain access to behavioral health crisis supports for the individuals they cover. 

Sustained Funding for Ongoing Initiatives

Priority FY24 Final FY25 Request FY25 Governor FY25    House   FY25 Senate   FY25 Conference
Family Resource Centers
$33,800,000 Level Funding $27,329,607      
Emergency Department Diversion
$6,000,000 Level Funding $6,000,000      
$10,000,000 No Resources Needed        
School Behavioral Health Consultation
$500,000 $500,000 No earmark, adequate resources      
Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation
$5,000,000 Level Funding $5,000,000      
DMH Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services
$120,604,949 Level Funding $130,540,885      
Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI)
$315,282,721 Level Funding $315,282,721      





* bryt was allocated $10 in ARPA funds in the FY24 budget. As such, the program is sufficiently funded and there is no need for additional resources in the FY25 budget. 

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